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Council calls for greater transparency at AWH meeting

24 Feb, 2023

Wodonga Council has submitted five questions to tomorrow’s Albury Wodonga Health AGM calling on greater transparency and accountability to our community following last year’s funding announcement to redevelop the Albury hospital site.

It follows the council’s decision at its February meeting to continue to advocate for a purpose-built hospital on a greenfield site.

The council has since written to AlburyCity calling for their support in joining in the advocacy push and is working to start connecting with all levels of government to lobby for funding for a new single-site hospital.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Ron Mildren and CEO Matthew Hyde will be among the councillors and key staff attending the annual meeting on Tuesday.

Questions for the Albury-Wodonga Health AGM – February 2023

  1. Has the board, in consultation with the state governments in making the decision to redevelop the existing site, considered the consequential impacts including but not limited to traffic congestion, public transport links, legal and border restrictions? If so, what work is being undertaken and how can our community be assured that these significant issues are being considered.
  2. Is the board concerned that following the announcement to redevelop Albury Wodonga hospital on the existing site that there appears to be a lack of transparency from both state governments regarding the provision of information and data to the community, including a sound business case, that supports the recent funding decision?  If so what steps are the board taking to advocate for both state governments to be accountable to the community? 
  3. Does the board’s still hold the position that a new hospital on a greenfield site is the best investment in high quality health services that is appropriate to meet the current and future growth of the region and if so has it developed an advocacy position to lobby both state governments and to approach the federal government for support? 
  4. In the board's opinion, will the redeveloped facility be able to cater for our immediate and existing demand for beds and services under the present Clinical Services Plan and funding model?
  5. Does the board believe that the funding and support Albury Wodonga Health receives from the state governments is fair and equitable in light of the hospital’s own infographic which shows it lags significantly behind on capital investment when compared with other regional centres?

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