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Celebrating our Volunteers

18 Mar, 2024

Nominations for Wodonga Council’s annual Volunteer of the Year Awards are now open.

Nominations will be accepted across three categories, each of which recognise those who go above and beyond for their community.

The categories are as follows.

  • Bryan Watson Award (Wodonga Individual Volunteer of the Year)
  • Wodonga Volunteer Team of the Year Award
  • Two Cities One Community Volunteer Award  

Anthea Maher, Team Leader Population Health and Community Wellbeing at Wodonga Council, says the awards provide an opportunity to acknowledge the vital work undertaken by those who volunteer their time and expertise. 

“There is an incredible range and depth of volunteers in Wodonga, each of whom are linked by a generosity of spirit and a selfless drive to help others simply because it’s the right thing to do,” she said.

“We all know a person or group that goes above and beyond for those around them. Whether it’s caring for the vulnerable, helping out during fires, floods or storms, or serving meals, their contribution is vital to ensuring the health and vibrancy of our community.

“Opportunities to say thank you to these people do not come along often enough, so we take great delight in announcing that nominations for Wodonga Council’s Volunteer of the Year Awards are now open.

“This is a terrific opportunity to show the change makers around you that their good work does not go unnoticed.

“Submit a nomination and join us in recognising, celebrating and thanking our volunteers.”

The recipients of the awards will be announced at an invitation-only event in May.

To make a nomination online, visit wod.city/VolunteerAwards or collect a hard copy form from Wodonga Council at Hovell St, Hyphen - Wodonga Library Gallery, Baranduda or Felltimber Community Centre, AlburyCity in Kiewa St and the Albury LibraryMuseum.

Nominations close at 5pm on Monday, April 29. 

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