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Bird finds 'new nest'

21 Nov, 2022

A bird mural painted at Wodonga Council's June CoCreate event has 'flown' to its new home at the Felltimber Community Centre.

Lavington street artist Kade Sarte used spray paint and brushes to create a detailed painting of a black cockatoo as on-lookers at the event watched his talent at work.

"I have been painting a long time so I don't get nervous when people watch," he said.

"If I am painting and something doesn't look right, I keep painting until it is right."

Kade said it was an honour to take part in CoCreate where his fast and steady hands attracted an attentive crowd throughout the four-hour event.

"People were complimenting my work and saying things like: ‘I don't know how you do it’ and ‘how do you work so quickly?’,” he said.

With a background as a tattoo and graffiti artist, Kade has integrated his past work to create murals for private commissions and businesses as well as people's homes and garages for the past four years.

"I enjoy working with a large canvas so walls are great for this," he said.

The black cockatoo was something Kade had been wanting to paint for a long time.

"I was inspired by an old image I had and I have always wanted to paint it and the opportunity presented itself at CoCreate," he said.

"While I was painting away, a local Indigenous man told me a story about the bird which was really fascinating and so it worked out well."

Kade is happy his mural has found a home where members of the community can enjoy it.

"It's definitely cool that more people can look at my work in different settings," he said.

Kade's favourite and largest mural can be found on a Townsend St wall in Albury.

"It's alongside Domino's Pizza and it's an image of my friend floating in water," he said.

"It's to do with the Murray River and it's massive, it's 30 metres by 2.5 metres and it's a surrealism pic of her floating on water.

"To give a bit of scale, her head is about two metres by three metres, and that's just her head."

His next mural is planned for Holbrook and there are talks for one at Bonegilla Migrant Experience, so watch this space.

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