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Aussie music royalty on tour

29 Aug, 2022

The RED HOT SUMMER TOUR returns in 2023 with a phenomenal line-up bringing together some of the most iconic names in Australian music. The tour  features  Paul  Kelly,  Bernard  Fanning,  Missy  Higgins,  Mark  Seymour, Vika & Linda and Ian Moss & Troy Cassar-Daley and will visit Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland.

Tour  promoter Duane McDonald can’t wait to hit the road in 2023.

“We are  so  excited  about this line-up and  the  regions  we  will  be  visiting,” he says. “The amountof hits produced by these artists is incredible.

"The tour has always been about taking great music to the regions and supporting phenomenal Australian artists. We are so grateful to be able to continue to do  this,  and to  share  these  experiences  with all the  music  fans  who continue to turn out year after year.

"We look forward to seeing everyone this summer.”

Paul  Kelly has  been  writing  songs,  making  records  and  touring  for  over  forty  years.  Along  the  way  he  has released  over 40a lbums,  including  live  concerts,  compilations  and  soundtracks.  He  has  collaborated  with many other artists, notably writing Treaty with Yothu Yindi and co-producing Archie Roach’s landmark debut album Charcoal Lane. His awards, too numerous to mention, include 17 ARIAs and an Order of Australia.

He has  published  several  books,  including  collections  of  his  lyrics,  a  memoir How  To  Make  Gravy and  an anthology of his favourite poems Love Is Strong As Death. Paul’s songs have a way of digging into the country in  a  way that  few  artists  do -how  it  looks,  feels,  tastes,  sounds.  The  joys  and  sorrows,  achievements  and follies.  If  you  want  to  know  something about  Australia,  how  it  feels  to  be  Australian,  you  can  find  it  in  his songs.

His live shows in recent years reveal a performer and band at the peak of their powers. They bring all the shades and colours. Passionate, dramatic, tender and emotional. For the RED HOT SUMMER TOUR run he will  be  playing  a  generous  selection  from  his  ever-green,  ever-selling  greatest  hits  record Songs  From  The South, as well as delving into a range of songs from his vast catalogue.

"We’re really looking forward to these shows. The past two years have brought home how precious live music is. To us and to those who come. We need each other. We’re going to bring it, give our all and play each show as if it’s our last. Because you never know what’s around the corner." – Paul Kelly.

Bernard Fanning has accumulated one of the most celebrated songbooks on the Australian rock spectrum. The former  Powderfinger  frontman  hascollectively  released  11  studio  albums  producing  songs  that  have  become ingrained  in  the  Australian  psyche.  Tracks  like My  Happiness,These  Days, Sunsets, Burn  Your  Name, Wish  You Well, Songbird, Blue Toowong Skies and Belly Of The Beast have become the moving soundtrack for a generation, with Bernard’s emotive and distinctive voice completely capturing our hearts.

He has a trophy cabinet that holds seven  number  #1  albums,  23  ARIA  Awards, and five APRA Awards to name a few. His songs have appeared in triple j’s Hottest 100 an incredible 23 times including three #1 spots for These Days(1999), My Happiness(2000) and Wish You Well(2005).It’s fair to say Bernard Fanning has firmly cemented his position as one of Australia’s finest  singer-songwriters  and  lyricists.  With  over  20  years  of  touring,  expect a rock  show  with  swagger, entertaining banter, crowd interaction and a display of pure musical talent by a member of Australian rock royalty and  his  band  who  are  the  perfect  accompaniment  to  his  wide-ranging  set  list  of  heartfelt  country -folk  tinged charm and classic rock grooves.

"I can’t wait to get back on the road to do some ‘proper’ touring after almost three years of dribs and drabs and disruption. A lot of the towns on this run I have NEVER played before in 30 years of touring, so I can’t waitto  get  out  there  and  play  stuff  from  right  across  my  career." –Bernard Fanning.

Missy  Higgins is one of our most beloved singer/songwriters and her acclaimed studio albums, The  Sound  of White, Ona Clear Night, The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle,Ozand Solastalgia have sold more than two million copies. Classic songs like Scar, The Special Two, Steer, Everyone’s Waiting and Futon Couch, plus her unforgettable live shows, have made Missy an authentic household name. 

She has won nine ARIA awards and multiple APRA Awards. Missy also  received  a  Screen  Music  Award  for  Best  Original  Song  composed  for  the  Screen  for  Australian  Film Don’t Tell. Earlier  in  2022, Missy  released  mini-album Total  Control featuring  songs  inspired  initially  by  the  musical fragments she wrote for the powerful ABC TV Series of the same name.

The songs pick up themes of exploitation and female empowerment that run through Total Control and which also dominated real world headlines last year as  a  string  of  abuse  allegations  emerged  from  Parliament  House. The  stories  Missy  shares  through songwriting come to life on stage as enjoyed by the thousands of fans who attend her concerts.

"It will be so good to get back on the road and play in so many incredible parts of the country. The past few years have shown us that we can’t take anything for granted and being  able  to  tour again will be very special, it’s what I love to do most. I’m also really looking forward to sharing the stage with such incredible Aussie artists." –Missy Higgins.

Mark Seymour formed Hunters and Collectors in 1980 with a bunch of uni friends. The band become famous for its rhythmic power and very quickly became touted as the ‘next big thing’. The album Human Frailty has proven to be one of the most important and enduring record of the 80s.

With Human Frailty, Mark discovered love, loss, and pop melody – his solo records are directly connected to this era and bear the same stamp of raw honesty and emotional power. He continues to search for the emotional truth in a song. As well as 13 Hunters and Collectors albums,  Mark  has  released eight  further  albums. Mark  Seymour  is  one  of  our  finest  songwriters,  capturing  our stories of love, loss, human courage and achievement.

"The Red Hot Summer has grown into one of the biggest tours on our national music calendar. It does   what   few   other   festivals   can.   It   goes   to   where   people   live   which   is   pretty   much everywhere. Reaching people matters deeply to me so I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of this fabulous bill in 2023." –Mark Seymour.

Vika & Linda’s effortless harmonies and journey through rock, country, gospel, reggae, R&B, soul and blues, while always paying tribute to their rich Tongan heritage, has earned the respect and admiration of their greatest fans –the renowned Australian artists they’ve performed and recorded with, and whose work their voices have enhanced.Paul Kelly  says, “Their voices combined sound salty-sweet  and  have  that  elusive  twinned  quality  you only get when siblings sing together ...They make the air beat in sync.”

In September 2021, Vika & Linda released The Wait, their first original studio album since 2002. It debuted at #2 on the ARIA chart. The Waithas continued a  triumphant  period  for  Vika  &  Linda  which  saw  them  score  their  first  number  one  album  with  their  career anthology, ‘Akilotoa, and three months later a #2 debut for their gospel collection, Sunday (The Gospel According To Iso).

Ian  Moss and Troy  Cassar-Daley,  two  powerhouse  artists,  joined  forces  in  2022  for  one  of  the  year's  most successful tours. A truly remarkable partnership, with simplicity proving to be a powerful vessel to tell a story and share a song, will continue into 2023 via the RED HOT SUMMER. Ian Moss, a founding member of one of Australia's greatest  bands,  Cold  Chisel, is  respected  globally  as  one  of  our  most  iconic  musicians.

A  multi-award winner, Mossy, who delivers a unique sound – not only as a telling soloist on guitar but also with his silken voice ringing with  clarity  and  resonating  with  pure soul–was  described  by  Cold  Chisel  bandmate  Don  Walker  as "the  most gifted musician I've ever seen." Enough said.

Troy Cassar-Daley, a proud Gumbaynggirr/Bundjalung man, comes from a long line of storytellers and is regarded as one of Australia's finest songwriters. On his way to collect every accolade  possible  including  ARIA's,  APRA's,  Golden  Guitars  (the  most  in  the  awards  history),  Deadlys,  National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs) and more, he has written with Paul Kelly, penned the anthemic Shutting Down Our Town for Jimmy Barnes, and recently Briggs sampled Troy's harrowing and impactful story of Shadows On the Hill.

No matter what story Troy is telling via song you just need to listen.

The RED HOT SUMMER TOUR always sells out around the country and the 2023 line-up is highly anticipated. Don’t miss this massive 2023 celebration of Australian music.  Tickets  for  the  2023  RED  HOT  SUMMER  TOUR  go  on  sale  via  Ticketmaster  at  9am  AEST  on  Thursday  1st September  2022. Tickets  are  only  available  through  authorised  ticket  outlets  listed.  Patrons  are  advised  not  to purchase tickets from Viagogo or other Third Party Sellers, as fraudulent tickets will not be honoured. 

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