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Arts Space Wodonga's final exhibition

11 Jun, 2019

It's here -  the final exhibition in the present Arts Space Wodonga building opens today.

Retrospect: Community Installation Project is an exhibition that everyone can become a part of.

In fact, it is an exhibition that will evolve as the community of Wodonga help create it.

Throughout the exhibition, there will be a series of installations and activities facilitated by local artists which will allow everyone to leave their mark on the gallery.

Artist Vicki Luke will lead The Memory Imaginarium featuring a projection of artwork through the years and a series of memory veils.

The memory veils will reflect community thought, voice, creativity and passion.

This installation will also feature a projection that recalls the artwork from exhibitions featured over the past 15 years.

You will be able to join Luke at two workshops in June creating mixed media works for the installation.

If you are a local art teacher with a connection to Arts Space Wodonga, why not join Luke for a special schools workshop introducing students to mixed media techniques on fabric.

These free workshops for primary and secondary aged students will be held on Monday, June 24 at 11am or noon.

Please phone Arts Space Wodonga on (02) 6022 9600 to book.

The second installation will feature Vanitas - a work in which artist Susie Losch will communicate the transience of the space, objects and people using symbols of ephemerality and transition.

Visitors to Arts Space Wodonga are invited to add to this work by making their own unique vessel from a ball of clay at a workshop in July.

The final installation will take place from July 22 and feature lead artist Beth Peters.

This collaborative installation celebrates the relationship between the people of Wodonga and Arts Space Wodonga.

A delicately executed work of string will convey the interconnected relationship by recording a traced outline or "imprint" of visitors’ bodies.

These tracings will be used by the artist to develop an installation using string to convey the fundamental relationship between people and place.

Throughout the exhibition, outlines will be continuously added, leaving an individual mark and also record of this connection.