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A smoke alarm for every bedroom, says CFA

16 Sep, 2019

A new advertising campaign from CFA and MFB highlights to all Victorians that the advice around smoke alarms has changed, calling for a smoke alarm to be installed in every bedroom.  

Recent research reveals that only 16 per cent of people have smoke alarms in their bedrooms and many Victorians are confused or unsure about the usage, location and maintenance of smoke alarms.

The new safety advice recognises the potentially deadly consequence of silence as a fire spreads while people sleep. 

It marks a significant change to previous guidance that smoke alarms were only necessary outside bedrooms and in hallways, with residents now being urged to install interconnected smoke alarms in every bedroom as well as in hallways and living areas.

The campaign slogan, Silence is Deadly, reminds us what can happen in the absence of any warning.   Three videos have a central theme of smoke gradually engulfing people sleeping in a bedroom. 

An elderly couple, a younger couple and a child sleep on, oblivious to the approaching danger. The audience is directed to new smoke alarm safety advice.  

The campaign will run on radio, digital and social media advertising across Victoria for three weeks.

For more information visit cfa.vic.gov.au