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A safer trail for cyclists and pedestrians

31 Jan, 2019

Work has commenced on a new asphalt and sealed surface to link Wodonga's CBD to the High Country Rail Trail.

Wodonga Council received $594,550 towards the CBD Tourism Cycling Links project as part of the Regional Jobs and Investment Package from the Coalition Government.

The total cost of the project is $1,189,100 and involves the construction of an 8km sealed track, along with car park and rest areas to increase Wodonga and the North East region's attraction as an outdoor tourism destination.

The works will create a new asphalt and sealed surface from Osburn St to Whytes Rd, which connects with the High Country Rail Trail, a 30km trail along the foreshore of Lake Hume and one of the most spectacular trails in Australia.

The trail will provide a vastly improved surface with upgraded crossing points to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

It also means road bikes and other hybrids can enjoy the trail, instead of just mountain bikes, meaning more people can enjoy the track.

Mayor Cr Anna Speedie said the project would be well received in the local community and is well targeted for the sport of cycling to flourish in the region.

"It really connects us to the other fantastic trails right across the region," she said.

"We know that we really work as a hub and spoke model, people come up here to the North East to Wodonga and then get out to our outer rural shires."

Drainage is also being upgraded at various sections of the rail trail to improve the quality of the surface and the whole experience for people who use the trail.

There will be two major rest areas including seating, tables, shelter, drinking water access and bike racks.

Landscaping works will be carried out along parts of the trail, including trees for shade and furniture.

Work is due for completion by June 30, 2019.