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381kms of footpaths to be surveyed

11 Jan, 2019

A comprehensive assessment of the condition of our footpaths will be undertaken throughout Wodonga this month. 

381kms of foothpaths and shared paths will be checked for defects using detailed video imaging by contractors on quad-bikes and will take approximately four weeks to complete. This will include 332kms of road reserve footpaths and 49kms of paths through parks and reserves. 

Wodonga Council's Assets Officer, Mark Entwistle said the data gathered from this survey will be used for proactive, cost-effective maintenance and renewal of our footpaths. 

"The vehicles are clearly identifiable and will be operated by certified pavement inspectors. They will travel at a brisk walking pace, with operators mindful of the needs of the pedestrian public," he said.

No people or private property will be recorded during the survey.

The council is responsible for paths at more than 500 park sites, which equates to more than 500ha, as well as 15 sports grounds and 85 playgrounds.

The council also maintains more than 485kms of sealed roads, 80kms of dirt roads and 404kms of footpath and is responsible for more than 2000ha of environmental lands.

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