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Swimming pool/spa safety barriers

Above ground pool ladder

Inflatable and above ground swimming pools

Inflatable and above ground swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular with families as initially, they appear to be an inexpensive alternative for swimming entertainment especially for toddlers and young children.

Consumers need to be aware that any pool capable of holding 300mm (30cm) of water requires a building permit and must be designed, constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with building regulations and the Australian Standard (AS1926.1-2012). This means they must have a suitable and effective barrier placed around them.

Hazards associated with inflatable and above ground pools include:

  • Drowning - in the past 12 months in Victoria alone there have been seven toddler deaths as a result of drowning;
  • Smaller paddling pools are often not regarded as dangerous because they are not very deep. Children can drown in as little as a few centimetres of water; and
  • Children can become ill as water is often left untreated for long periods of time.

Pool fencing - instructional videos and the Samuel Morris Foundation

The Samuel Morris Foundation advocates for pool safety. Along with Kids Health at Westmead, the foundation has produced a series of short instructional videos that outline pool fencing responsibilities.

All pools and spas must have compliant safety barriers. The following links are a guide for construction and maintenance of suitable child resistant safety barriers.

The first clip tells the story of Samuel Morris who nearly lost his life after falling into a pool with a faulty safety barrier.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained within is general information only and it is recommended that you seek professional advice in relation to your safety barrier requirements.

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Is your existing swimming pool or spa fence still safe, well maintained and compliant?If you are unsure, Wodonga Building Services can inspect, advise and issue a compliance certificate. Phone (02) 6022 9300 to find out more.

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PDFSwimming pool and spa safety barriers booklet (PDF 845KB)

Last updated: 11-07-2017

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