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Becoming an owner builder


An owner builder is someone who carries out building work on his or her own land. Owner builders take on many of the responsibilities of a registered builder including:

  • Obtaining permits;
  • Scheduling, supervising and/or carrying out building work themselves;
  • Ensuring the work meets all relevant building regulations, standards and other laws; and
  • Arranging the appropriate building inspections and the final or occupancy certificate at completion of the works.

As an owner builder, you are required to obtain a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority where the value of works is more than $16,000 in order to obtain a building permit.

Obtaining a certificate of consent does not guarantee that you will be issued with a building permit. A building permit will need to be obtained from a registered building surveyor.

Please note: An owner builder report and associated insurance will be required if you sell your owner built property within six and a half years of completion.

For more information on becoming an owner builder, please phone the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127 or visit

Last updated: 14-05-2018

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