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Online chat

You can chat online with a community focus team member if you are having trouble finding something on the website.

They are available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.

They will be offline at all other times including public holidays and office closures (for example, Christmas/New Year closure).

An email can be sent using the tool when we are offline.

Our community focus team member is able to see what page you are viewing on the website while assisting you with your enquiry.

You do not need to sign-up, however, return users are encouraged to.

You may click the link below to open the chat window or the widget is the grey/orange box located in the bottom right hand of your screen.

Open the online chat window

PLEASE NOTE: Inappropriate messaging will not be responded to and the conversation will be ended immediately. A transcript of the conversation may be recorded.


Last updated: 06-03-2019

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