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Wodonga Innovation Project - Introductory seminar

Wodonga Innovation Project - Introductory seminar



Innovation projects are popping up everywhere.

Why are they so popular? How do they work? What value do they add to local communities? What’s real and what’s hype?

If you're passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, this is the event for you!

Wodonga Council and the Victorian Government are funding the design and pilot of an innovation project for Wodonga.

The council has engaged innovation experts Delos Delta in partnership with the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN), to guide and co-ordinate this work.

CEO of the Canberra Innovation Network Petr Adamek will showcase the possibilities and pathways of innovation projects around the world.

Mr Adamek will be exploring the impact of innovation in modern economies, and the role of such projects in catalysing collaboration, commercialisation, employment and investment.

This introductory seminar is an opportunity to learn more about Wodonga’s innovation journey.

Get your tickets online at eventbrite.com.au/wodonga-innovation-seminar-tickets

Session Information:
1pm to 2pm
(02) 6022 9300
All ages
TAFE Space
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