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Group Fitness Classes at Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre

Group Fitness Classes at Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre



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Group fitness classes: 

Immersion 45
Immerse yourself in water and workout. Start with what you can do right now, then use the water to grow your fitness level, range of motion, stength and cognitive function. Designed with all participants in mind. 

Aqua Fit    
Use the water resistance to challenge your body. All workouts are designed to do at your own pace and offer a great non weight bearing workout for all fitness levels. 

RPM is an indoor cycling workout that will shift your cardio fitness to a higher gear. Find your rhythm in the music, set your own resistance level and hit an endorphin high. 

Strong Fit     
Your trainer will work closely with you to perfect your form and technique in this small group training session of strength and conditioning movements. 

Strong Movers    
A low to medium intensity group training session to help you improve muscle and bone strength and stability. Designed to make daily activities easier by improving overall strength and posture. 

Move n Tone   
Low impact class with a focus on movement, mobility and balance, using light weights and/or bodyweight to tone your whole body. 

Yoga is a practice that connects the body, breath and mind. This class is a combination of flowing moves, strength, stability and balance with deep restorative poses, finishing with mindful meditation and breathing to improve health. 

Stretch & Relax    
You will find your flow with this session, set in a relaxing dim lit room, aimed at improving you flexibility, mobility and balance. Lengthen and stretch those muscle groups with optional meditation to finish.

Adaptable for all fitness levels. A classic bootcamp workout incorporating indoor and outdoor spaces. Using an array of different equioment from tyres, ropes to kettlebeels aand boxing, running and rowing - you never kow what you will turn up to. 

Box Fit    
Boxfit is a cardio workout based on boxing techniques using gloves and pad work. Suitable for all levels, this non-contact workout will help to improve your agility, strength and overall fitness. 

Core Fit    
This is an intense core workout for functional fitness. It is scientifically designed to build strength, stability and endurance in the muscles that support your core inlcuding the absm glutes and back. 

Incorporating both static and dynamic stretching techniques to help improve flexibility, mobility and balance for all abilities. Lengthen and stretch those muscle groups to help you recover between workouts. 

A slower paced, floor-based body conditioning class that combines breathing, stretching, and strengthening to achieve strong abdominal muscles and maintain optimal posture. 

Spin 45    
This freestyle ride replicates riding on flats and hills outdoors, while cycling to your favourite music. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Dance fit    
Participate in a fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout that will help you to stay active. 

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