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I, DJ by Dr Richard Savery

I, DJ by Dr Richard Savery



Meet Keirzo, the rapping and drumming robot. With just a single word or phrase, Keirzo can produce an original rap in real time.  

Using touch sensors, participants can create their own captivating rhythms and melodies with Keirzo and their friends. 

Never before seen in Australia, I, DJ by Dr Richard Savery brings the worlds of creativity, music, robotics and artificial intelligence together in this interactive installation.  

Explore the possibilities and boundaries of human-robot interaction in the realm of creative expression in this interactive exhibition.

What to expect when you visit

The room has low ambient light with bright coloured lights and a neon sign.

There is electronic music playing with live drumming

There are three robots in the space

There are controllers on the wall which will help you interact with the Robots with flashing lights

The robots play music, drum, speak and move a little

It can sometimes be busy, noisy and loud in the Playspace Gallery.  If you have noise sensitivities, you may like to bring some things with you to help you enjoy the experience.
Sensory tool

Interested in bringing a group? Our team can help! Call us on 02 6022 9300 or visit our Tours and Education page for more.


Image credit: Keirzo the robot musician developed by Dr Richard Savery 

I, DJ is proudly supported by Inland Rail.

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