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Enrolments for 2024 now open

Wodonga Council provides inclusive programs where all children are welcome. 

Attending kindergarten can help children: 

  • Be confident in learning and trying new things; 
  • Build their sense of identity; 
  • Develop their physical, social and emotional wellbeing; and, 
  • Develop and support language and literacy. 

To enrol your child into kindergarten, please apply via this link. Please ensure you select the correct year in which you want to enrol your child   Upon completion of the enrolment, you will be emailed an acknowledgement that the application has been received. 

For a full list of Victorian government-funded kindergartens in Wodonga click here. 

Under the changes, the demand for kindergarten places will increase and you might not be allocated a position and will be placed on to a waiting list. A priority of access criteria will be applied through the kindergarten allocation process. 

Email kinder@wodonga.vic.gov.au if you would like assistance with the enrolment process.

Before you get started

    Three year old kindergarten – Government Funded Program 

  • Is my child ready for 3-year-old kindergarten?

      • Children must be three years old to attend three-year-old kindergarten.

      • Children will only be able to access one year of government funded three-year-old kindergarten.

      • Children accessing three-year-old kindergarten will transition to four-year-old kindergarten the following year.

      • Children born between January and April have a choice on which year to attend three-year-old kindergarten – either the year they turn three or the following year when they turn four.  Decisions on when to start your child will be up to individual families, and factors that might be taken into consideration include the individual child’s developmental and learning levels, family circumstances and potential school starting age.

        Four-year-old kindergarten - Government Funded Program

        • Children must be four years old by April 30 in the year they are attending kindergarten to be eligible.
        • Children meeting the criteria for a second year of four-year-old kindergarten (when a child shows delays in at least two key outcomes of learning and development) will be eligible to access one additional year of kindergarten prior to starting school.

          Is my child eligible for a second year of funded four-year-old kindergarten?

          • A kindergarten teacher can decide if a child should receive a second year of funded four-year-old kindergarten if:
          • The child is having delays in at least two area of learning and development described in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, and
          • There is evidence showing your child will do better at transitions to school if they attend a second year of four-year-old kindergarten.
          Our kindergartens
          • Baranduda Kindergarten  
            3 Sage Crt, Baranduda 
            (02) 6020 8460
          • Belgrade Ave Kindergarten
            12 Belgrade Ave, Wodonga
            (02) 6024 3974
          • Felltimber Kindergarten
            189 Melrose Drive, Wodonga
            (02) 6059 6244
          • Jamieson Crt Kindergarten
            16 Jamieson Crt, Wodonga
            (02) 6059 2353
          • Southern Rise Kindergarten
            15 Cartwright St, Wodonga
            (02) 6024 5867
          • Stanley St Kindergarten
            24 Stanley St, Wodonga
            (02) 6024 1756

          Wodonga's Early Years Facebook group

          The council runs a Facebook with information for parents and carers of children aged up to eight years.

          If you have questions, our educators and maternal and child health nurses will be available to answer them in a timely manner. 

          To join, please visit https://wod.city/EY-FBgroup