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Environmental Land

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Wodonga Retained Environmental Network (WREN) relates to land within the Leneva Valley. 

Leneva Valley is the major urban development growth corridor for Wodonga. WREN was developed using the Native Vegetation Management Framework. The framework guided the identification and selection of specific patches of land where native vegetation would be retained and other areas where native vegetation would be lost when housing projects commenced. 

The identification and retention of native vegetation within these patches was created to provide some surety for future developers, the sites for native retention vegetation is identifiable as is the land that can be used for future development. The retained vegetation/land parcels must be protected forever. 

The council's commitment to the environment is well supported with in-house staff dedicated to protect and develop indigenous flora and fauna. WREN is significant and unique in that future urban development will connect directly with this land. Public access is appropriate and encouraged where activities minimise impact on environmental objectives of the reserve land. 

Permits will need to be sought from us for the following allowed developments: 

  • Road crossings; 
  • The placement of services;
  • Interpretation signage; 
  • Fire abatement measures, grazing and vermin control; and,
  • Noxious weed control.

Roadside vegetation

Rural roadsides within the municipality of Wodonga contain many conversations, landscape and heritage values that require careful and considered management.

That's why the council has created the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan to provide a basis for the management of roadside environmental assets across the city.

This plan aims to provide clarity about how roadside vegetation will be managed across the 221 km of sealed, and 127 km of unsealed rural roads in Wodonga.

Fact sheets

Check out a reserve near you

Some reserves are small strips of remnant native bush along former roads, while others are larger areas. All are vital for the survival of our local species, including those in danger of becoming extinct. You can enjoy many activities without disturbing nature in the reserves.

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