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Wodonga Council contributing towards pet desexing fees

20 Dec, 2021

Wodonga Council, the National Desexing Network and local veterinary clinics have joined forces to offer residents in need a subsidised desexing program to help prevent unwanted cats and dogs.

It is estimated that between 70 and 120 pets each year are not desexed in Wodonga because some members of the community simply can't afford the cost.

Wodonga Council has received $10,500 from Animal Welfare Victoria to assist in delivering the desexing program.

Melrose Vet Clinic, Murray River Animal Hospital and Albury Animal Care Centre (the pound) have come on board to deliver the program to Wodonga residents.

Wodonga Council will pay half of the desexing fee and nominated vets will subsidise the other half through the National Desexing Program.

The funding is expected to assist between 70 and 120 under privileged families in Wodonga.

Pet owners hoping to take up the offer should contact one of the mentioned vets to be considered for the program and must produce a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card to the vet.

Wodonga Council promotes responsible pet ownership in the community and will work closely with local vets at identifying people who may be eligible for assistance and that are currently on their books awaiting a rescue or an adoption pet.

There are not only health benefits for pets that are desexed, desexing can also reduce the impact on the natural environment by assisting cats with the urge to roam.

There is also the incentive of a reduction in annual registration fees for desexed pets.

It is a legal requirement for cats to be desexed to register in Wodonga.