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Who can fix it? The Repair Cafe

29 Apr, 2021

A group of skilled repairers will re-open their door on Saturday to help fix items brought in by the public.

The Repair Cafe Albury-Wodonga will operate on the first Saturday of each month from the Wodonga Senior Citizens’ Centre between 10am to 1pm.

Co-ordinator Lynne Keys said the volunteers were keen to get back to helping the community and preventing items from going to landfill.

“Bring in everything from furniture, bicycles to clothing, battery-operated appliances and other household items,” she said.

Ms Keys has been fixing books since she was a child and says she would like to help repair any childhood favourites that have seen better days.

“I have worked in school libraries for many years and so fixing books is one of my fortes, that and repairing costume jewellery,” she said.

The Repair Cafe had not long been operating from the Wodonga Senior Citizens’ Centre when COVID hit.

Previously the community-run initiative was operating from The Sustainability Activity Centre at Gateway Island.

“We like our new home, there’s lots of nice storage space and there’s always a great morning tea put on by Wodonga business Kooka Brotha’s Patisserie,” Ms Keys said.

“Look around your home and bring in those items you have been looking to get fixed.

"Our volunteers will show you how to fix and repair your items for free so you are able to do it yourself next time."

Since commencing in November 2015, the cafe has fixed more than 2320 household items and diverted more than 3495kg from landfill.

There is a limit of three items for each person at each session.

Donations are accepted and appreciated.