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The power of nature

8 Dec, 2023

A Wodonga artist inspired by childhood memories of insects dancing above the horizon is exhibiting a series of photographic works at Hyphen – Wodonga Library Gallery.

Marg Leddin used the subtle technique of the photogram, making a photographic print by laying objects onto photographic paper and exposing it to light.

“It’s an ancient photography technique that not many people use now and it’s like creating a shadow around an object,” she said.

"This technique makes the insects look more alive."

Marg has fond memories of growing up around Upper Murray bushland and noticing all the cicadas.

“I was always curious and loved the shell,” she said.

“I wanted to replicate the sense of rhythm and movement.”

Cicada Dance Lines II features playful photographs exploring the connection between cicada hatching cycles and the cataclysmic bushfires of the past decade in North East Victoria.

Marg is intrigued by the cicada's mysterious ability to regenerate in abundance after bushfires.

Through cataclysmic events such as bushfires, Marg’s photograms harness the regenerative power of nature to show hope and optimism for the future.

Themes relating to climate change resonate within her imagery.

Her exhibition features digital photograms, which are all new works on display for the first time in the Hallway Gallery until February 27.

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