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New off-leash dog parks in Wodonga

2 Nov, 2020

All dogs must be on a leash in public areas in Wodonga with a list of designated off-leash areas now available on the council’s website.

The move follows community feedback over the past 12 months.

A survey held earlier this year found 74 per cent of people believed dogs should be on a lead in a public place and 70 per cent supported the implementation of designated off-leash areas.

The council submitted the updated effective control order for gazettal in September 2020 and following the 28-day period, the new order officially came into effect on October 23, meaning it will be an offence to have a dog off-leash unless in a designated area.

The order includes exemptions for working dogs, police dogs and corrective service dogs.

There are provisions in the order where dogs must be under control near playgrounds, sporting or community events, around stock in council-leased areas, barbecue and picnic areas, and other area including WREN reserves, Gateway Village and council events.

Dogs are prohibited inside all public gated playgrounds, on the playing field during a scheduled match and Wodonga athletics track.

In designated off-leash areas, owners still have a responsibility to ensure their dog is under sufficient control by voice or hand to not threaten or be a nuisance.

There will be a transition period as the new order comes into effect with signage to be placed at the designated off-leash areas in the coming weeks.

The signs include QR codes to quickly bring people to the website to see the individually mapped areas.

The maps can be found on the council website here.