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Have your say on plan to manage pets

26 Jul, 2022

Do you have something to say about cats and dogs?

Wodonga has 6715 registered dogs and 1801 registered cats and that number is growing.

It’s estimated that by 2036 there will be at least 10,818 registered dogs in the city.

To support a Wodonga where pets are embraced as part of a family and where the safety of humans and welfare of all animals underpins our animal management programs, we have prepared a Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021 to 2025.

The plan’s objectives include:

  • Explore programs and tools to reduce roaming cats, including a 24-hour cat curfew;
  • Reduce dog and cat nuisance complaints;
  • Increase reporting of dog attacks in the community;
  • Decrease time delay in between when an attack occurs and reporting to council; and,
  • Increased activities to reduce feral cat population

Find out more and have your say before August 10.

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