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Get smart: Loan a power meter

13 Oct, 2023

Do you have high power bills?

Want to save money on your power bills?

Wodonga Council has power meters available to loan from Felltimber Community Centre, Baranduda Community Centre and Wodonga Council Customer Service.

This clever gadget plugs into your power outlet and measures how much power is being used and how much money it is costing you to run. 

It is a great way to see where your money is going and how you can make changes to save money on your power bills. 

The power meters are free to loan for a week, so you will be able to check several appliances, such as your television, fridge, heater or washing machine. 

You will need photo ID with your current address details to loan the meter and a current power bill to program in the tariff that your power company charges you so that the meter can work out how much each appliance is costing to run.

For ideas on some simple but cost effective ways to reduce your energy bills visit Sustainability Victoria here.

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