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CoCreate mural finds 'perfect' home

27 Apr, 2023

With eye-catching colours and a cool graffiti vibe, a mural created at last month’s CoCreate event has found the perfect home at Al’s Skate Co in Wodonga.

Artist Mark John Martyn hopes the mural’s new home at the indoor skatepark on Melbourne Rd will showcase graffiti in a positive light, showing what the art form has to offer in an artistic way.

“It’s the perfect location and it’s a win-win because I got the experience of creating this in front of the public and now the community can enjoy this in a great space,” he said.

The design, created over four hours at the March CoCreate event, features Mark’s tag – Sank – which is repeated in bright colours across the large canvas.

Mr Martyn says every graffiti artist needs their own tag and his was inspired by the lyrics in a rap song.

“The rule is that you come up with your own tag and you stick with it, it’s like an alias,” he said.

“I use it in gallery work a lot, I sign my artworks with the tag.”

While Mr Martyn has been drawing graffiti for the past ten years, he has in recent years entered into mainstream art with his artwork featured in galleries across the region.

Owner of Al’s Skate Co, Al Taylor is thrilled with the new artwork on the wall.

“We have had lots of people commenting on it,” he said.

“It’s colourful, large and it stands out and it was kind of perfect that it fits that wall.

“It actually looks like it was meant to be there.”

Mr Taylor said the graffiti culture is tied in closely with the skateboard culture.

“We have other graffiti pieces here in the park and it complements them well,” he said.

“Community events like CoCreate are important for the community and to have a piece like this from that event is awesome, we are so thankful to the council.”

Mr Taylor has witnessed an increase in visitors in recent months and said community-run events showcasing skateboarding and scooting were behind the upsurge.

He encouraged those interested in the sport to attend the Multi-sports fun day at Baranduda Community Centre on Saturday, May 13 from 10.30am to 1pm.

The event, as part of Move in May, will showcase Al’s Skate Co, Baranduda Tennis Club, Wodonga Croquet Club and more.

Come along for the opportunity to take part in a range of activities.

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