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Annual tree planting program under way

13 May, 2020

Wodonga Council’s annual tree planting program has begun with about 3000 trees and shrubs to be planted across the city.

One thousand advanced street trees have been selected and trialled to suit the urban streetscape and the climate conditions.

These trees are water efficient and specifically selected for their shape and lack of overhang.

In our parks and reserves 500 advanced native trees were planted. Providing natural shade in our parks is preferable. 

1500 trees and shrubs will be planted in sound mounds throughout the city. All of these plants were native and indigenous to the area.

In the environmental lands, more than 4000 native trees and shrubs were planted.

Open space is important to the community and Wodonga Council is in the process of reviewing feedback from the community as part of the open space strategy.

The strategy will guide future planning, design and management of open space in Wodonga over the next 15 years.

It is expected the Open Space Strategy will have a compendium of plantings across the city.