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World's biggest talent show is coming to Albury

29 Jan, 2019

Australia's Got Talent is coming to Albury for auditions.

No one is too old or too young, too weird or wonderful to have their shot.

Do you have a talent that needs to be seen in 2019?

Then come and show yus what you've got!

To secure your audition, head to australiasgottalent.com.au

Auditions will be held at Albury Commercial Club on Wednesday, February 27 from noon to 5pm.

Watched by half a billion people worldwide this year alone, the Got Talent format is undisputedly the world’s most successful talent search with 71 local versions across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle-East, Africa and the Americas.

It’s the number one entertainment show in the USA and the 2018 series reached more than 33 million viewers in the UK.

With the show at its peak globally, it’s now Australia’s turn to join the party and witness the format’s evolution.

AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT in 2019 is guaranteed to amaze viewers with unique, brilliant, funny and mind-blowing acts from all walks of life.

The weird, the wild and the wonderful will showcase their talents in front of a panel of soon-to-be announced celebrity judges and a massive live theatre audience.