City of Wodonga


Tenders awarded

A schedule of Wodonga Council's awarded tenders for over $200,000.




Contract value


Street Lighting LED changeover project - installation

GPE Electrical & Communications P/L 

 June 2017



Whytes Road saleyards effluent ponds rehabilitation earthworks

James Civil Group P/L t/as James Excavations P/L 

April 2017 



Supply, delivery & installation of 90 solar lights along House Creek pedestrian cycle path

K-DEC Electrical P/L t/as K-DEC 

March 2017 



Street lighting LED Changeover Project Purchase and Acquistion (MAV) tender

Gerard Lighting P/L 

March 2017 



Provision of schedule of rates for Electrical building maintenance and repairs

Panel of 4 suppliers:

Miiller & Red P/L t/as Dee Cee Electrics; McEachern & Donkers P/L; GPE Electrical & Communications Contractor P/L; DN Bishop & Co P/L

Three years from February 2017 with 2 x 12 months





Provision of schedule of rates for Plumbing building maintenance and repairs

Panel of 3 suppliers: 

Tonkin Plumbing Group P/L; The Trustee for McCallum Family Trust t/as GMP Plumbing; The Bell Chambers Family Trust t/as KBC Plumbing


Three years from February 2017 with 2 x 12 months




Supply & delivery of trucks, plant & equipment (1012/0905) 15 metre elevated work platform

Twin City Truck Centre 

September 2020 



Design & construct deck overlay, Forrest Mars Avenue

 North East Civil Construction P/L

 December 2016



Design of Baranduda Fields Sporting Pavillion

K20.AU P/L T/as K20 Architecture 

 June 2017



Provision of Asset Financial Leasing Services

Panel of suppliers:

Toyota Finance Australia; Summit Auto Lease Australia P/L; Macquarie Bank; Fleet Partners; Custom Fleet; Claremont Fiance Corporation 

Three years from August 2016 with 2 x 12 months 



Construction of Havelock Street extension

Excell Gray Bruni P/L 

 March 2017



Provision of road line marking services

Roads Corporation t/as Sprayline 

Twleve months from August 2016 with 2 x 12 months 




2016-2017 Liability Mutual Insurance renewal

Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) 

12 months  



2016-2017 Removal and replacement of kerb and channel

AL Hamilton P/L T/as Hammo's Concreting 

Four months  $200,000 


Supply and delivery of two 4x2 rigid 12,000kg trucks complete with 6mtr tipping body and 7000lt quick release water tank

Twin City Truck Centre P/L 


Four months 





2016-2017 Pavement digout and stabilisation works

GW & BR Crameri P/L 

 Four months $650,000 


2016-2017 Reseal preparation works - minor miscellaneous

Lyons Asphalting P/L 

Four months  $250,000 


2016-2017 Aspahlt program

Downer EDI Works P/L 

 Six months $500,000 


2016-2017 Sprayseal program

State Asphalt Services P/L 

 Six months $900,000 


Supply and installation of new Electronic Document Management System EDMS

Kapish Services Pty Ltd 

 18 months



Provision of Management Services of council assets at Wodonga Racecourse and Showgrounds precinct

Wodonga and District Turf Club 

Three years with 2 x 12 months




Retail energy, natural gas, public lighting and associated services 1906/0625

AGL Sales Pty Ltd 

24 months 



Suppy and delivery of four x leased diesel powered tractors 90 to 110HP with attachments

Norwood Agriculture Pty Ltd 

Two months 



Supply and deliver 1 x 8m3 Dualpac rear loading refuse collection compaction truck

Twin City Truck Centre Pty Ltd 

Four months 



Manufactor and installation of signage

Rice Graphic Images Australia Pty Ltd 

12 months with option to extend for 2 x 12 months 



Reconstruction of Thomas Mitchell Drive

Excell Gray Bruni Pty Ltd 

 Six months



Construction of road extension at LOGIC Estate for the new railway terminal site

AP Delaney & Co Pty Ltd 

 Three months



Provision of 2015-2016 sprayseal program

State Asphalt Services Pty Ltd 

Five months 



Provision of 2015-2016 asphalt program

 Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd

Five months 




Regional steel collection and recycling

Sims Metal Management 

24 months 



Rates for reseal preparation works - pavement digouts and stabilisation program 2015-2016

GW & BR Crameri Pty Ltd 

Seven months 



Construction works for Junction Place Promenade

Stuart Gordon Landscaping and Paving Specialist

Four months



Provision of security services

Jeff Clarke Security Services PL and Security Solutions PL

Three years with 2 x 12 months



Rates for miscellaneous removal and replacement of kerb and channel (2016-2016 reseal program)

Excell Gray Bruni Construction P/L 

Seven months 



Rates for reseal prearation works - pavement digouts and stabilisation program 2015-2016

Lyonds Asphalting P/L 

Seven months 


Three years from August 2016 with 2 x 12 months 

Last updated: 06-04-2017

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