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Advocacy Priorities

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Advocacy Priorities

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Our commitment to advocacy

Under the Local Government Act 2020, councils must give effect to several governance principles including:

  • Achieving the best outcomes for the community;
  • Promoting the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the
  • municipality; and,
  • Pursuing innovation and continuous improvement.

Wodonga Council prepared it advocacy priorities - outlined in the booklet below - in line with meeting these obligations for our community.

This document outlines key advocacy priorities Wodonga Council is committed to focusing on, and seeking partnerships in relation to, over the next three years. The projects identified in this document align with the themes and objectives of the Council Plan 2021-25 and the Wodonga 2033 vision.

Advocacy Principles

Advocacy is a deliberate process intended to influence public policy and allocation of resources and increase the visibility and understanding of issues impacting the community with an aim to bring about positive change that affect Wodonga at a local, regional and national level.

The following principles support council’s approach to advocacy.

  • Strategic focus: We will take a planned and strategic approach in ensuring our advocacy actions are aligned with policy and strategic positions adopted by the council.
  • Community engagement: We will actively engage in an appropriate and timely way with our community to understand their aspirations and needs and ensure the community is informed about our advocacy activities.
  • Leadership: We will lead through advocacy on behalf of our community on key issues with an emphasis placed on working with and advocating to state and federal governments. 
  • Transparency: We will be open and transparent in our advocacy priorities ensuring the way we pursue them and any progress we make is visible and accessible to the community through reporting.
  • Collaborative: We will optimise its likelihood of success by taking a partnership-based approach to our advocacy, collaborating with state and federal representatives, key stakeholders, groups and community.
  • Responsive: We will deliver our advocacy in a way that is adaptable and responsive to changing political and funding environments, taking an innovative and solutions-focused approach to unexpected issues and opportunities.  

Advocacy activities

Wodonga Council will undertake a range of activities to promote and deliver on our advocacy objectives. 
A variety of methods will be used to support advocacy efforts such as submissions, direct lobbying, leading deputations, hosting decision-makers and consultations, media strategies, and advertising and campaigns.