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Upstream Wren and Friends by Kasper [Mural]

17 Feb, 2021

Wren and Friends (Acrylic and Spray)

Many things catch your eye in the city of Wodonga but a large part is its beautiful display of birds and wildlife. The blue wren - also known as the Superb Fairy Wren – is a small bird but has to be one of the most eye-catching. In this work, the blue wren is surrounded by colours inspired by the blossoming flowers and nature found in the community. This piece is an interactive mural inviting people to come and paint a section of the work, making it their own.

About the artist
Melbourne artist Kasper, presently living in Wodonga, focuses on painting murals and repurposed skateboards. His interest and direction in creating art began in 2009 in Queensland through the influences of street art and skateboarding.

The motive behind his work is a focus on mental health through a series of monster imagery, vibrant colour usage and surrounding inspirations and elements.

Henri's Bakery wall
57 Hovell St, Wodonga