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Upstream Tracks, Trails and Treasure Hunt - Whimsy

16 Feb, 2021

Whimsy is a site-specific bespoke treasure hunt that speaks to the child in all of us. A series of tiny, playful projection works are installed along a trail in semi-hidden locations for you to discover. A fish swims in a tea cup half hidden among foliage. A cloud of butterflies emerge from a treasure box. A child plays hide and seek inside a stack of books.

Designed to be a safely distanced, projection experience, Whimsy encourages small groups to engage with fanciful, improbable imagery that could have sprung from any
child’s playful imagination. 

Based in Albury-Wodonga,  Helen Newman is an awardwinning Australian filmmaker and video artist with a passion for exploring fresh approaches to the art of visual storytelling. Her animated projections reimagine the everyday around us creating playful, surprising worlds. Having worked in the arts for the past 18 years Helen has established
a reputation for delivering a wide variety of powerful stories told in unique and engaging ways.

Get the clues at upstream.org.au and solve them to find playful projection works and a menagerie of paste-up wildlife within Wodonga’s CBD