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Be a reuse trail blazer

12 Sep, 2019

Wodonga Council's Deputy Mayor Cr Kat Bennett hasn’t decided to update her wardrobe with this jacket for nothing.

It’s being worn all in the name of a good cause coming to Wodonga and happening all over the country this October; Garage Sale Trail.

The colourful creation has been made for Garage Sale Trail from clothing bought at op shops and repurposed fabric and given a whole new life by sustainable fashion designers Jeff McCann from Sydney and Kate Hannah of PJUNK from Perth.

“We know that as a community and as individuals we need to take responsibility for the waste we create and start thinking differently about what we buy and what waste is. And at the same time you can count on a garage sale to find something a bit out of the ordinary,” Cr Bennett said.

Fast fashion is driving the purchase of clothing that’s often discarded after just two or three wears.

Fast fashion and having more clothes than we know what to do with is a big problem for Australians.

We buy 27kgs of new textiles each year and discard 23kgs to landfill.

To put that into perspective that’s the same weight as six blue whales worth of clothes going into landfill every single hour.   

“I’m wearing this fantastic blazer today to encourage everyone to become a reuse Trail Blazer with me when Garage Sale Trail comes to town on October 19 and 20,” Cr Bennett said.

“By selling or shopping at garage sales it teaches us how simple actions done collectively can create big change.”

Garage Sale Trail has built a reputation as a source for classic fashion and vintage finds.

“If you love the jacket Cr Bennett is wearing, history tells us you’ll be able to find something just as remarkable and unique if you hit the Trail this October," Garage Sale Trail co-founder Andrew Valder said.

“Over the years we’ve seen stylists, labels and vintage lovers unleash fashion and amazing handmade creations at garage sales across the country.  

“Putting second hand first when it comes to clothes makes a real impact.

“For example, if your next pair of jeans was a secondhand pair instead of new that saves the same amount of C02 as watching every series of Game of Thrones four times on a big-screen TV. And that’s not even taking in to consideration the waste produced and resources required to make the jeans.”

To get involved in the community sustainability event is easy.

Residents register a garage sale for free at garagesaletrail.com.au

They can choose to host an event on October 19 or 20, or do both days, and can use the website to access promotional materials and support to help make their sale a success. 

Shoppers log onto the website and search a national map for sales and unique items near them.

Thanks to council's involvement in the program, Garage Sale Trail is free for residents to participate.