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Leadership Program application form

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  Date of birth
  Current age
  Connection to Wodonga:
Live Work Study

  Why would you like to participate in Wodonga Council's youth leadership program?
  What qualities and strengths will you bring to the program?
  What are some areas relating to leadership that you would like to personally develop, that you believe the program can assist with?
  What do you believe to be the most important qualities of a good leader and why?
  Please list any community involvement you have had previously, either locally or otherwise.
  Why do you think being involved in the community is important?
  List any leadership roles you have previously undertaken or are currently in:

  Contact Number

  I have read the information booklet and understand the commitment required to participate in the program and are available to attend the compulsory opening retreat being held from Thurday, May 4 to Sunday, May 7, 2017.