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Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing plan

Wodonga Council has a long-standing commitment to creating a healthy and well community. 

In line with the World Health Organisation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Wodonga Council believes that everyone living, working, or visiting the city has an equal right to good health, safety and equitable access to inclusion and participation. 

To achieve these objectives, as well as meet our statuary requirements under the local government act, the council has developed and adopted a Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, this plan is integrated in the Council Plan 2017-2018 to 2020-2021.

The Public Heath and Wellbeing Act 2008 requires, with the involvement of community, an analysis of local health determinants, trends and health and wellbeing indicators to improve and promote public and wellbeing within the municipality.  

Wodonga's Health and Social Wellbeing Statistics

The council has developed an outcomes framework for the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan to monitor the council’s goals, objectives and indicators and to evaluate the impact of preventative strategies with all level of government, partners and stakeholders and the broader community to ensure improved health and wellbeing outcomes for all.


PDFAccess & Inclusion Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 1174KB)

PDFAlcohol and Drug Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 650KB)

PDFBeing More Active Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 579KB)

PDFDemographics Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 317KB)

PDFDisadvantage Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 1148KB)

PDFEmployment Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 629KB)

PDFHealthy Food Fact Sheet (PDF 436KB)

PDFHomelessness Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 825KB)

PDFMental Health Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 784KB)

PDFViolence against Women Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF 560KB)

Last updated: 14-03-2018

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