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Smoking bans 2014

Smoking bans 2014

Smoking will be banned at public places frequented by children under new state reforms.

From April 1, the Victorian smoking bans will prohibit smoking within 10 metres – about two car lengths – of children’s playgrounds, skate parks, junior sporting events and within public outdoor pool complexes.

The aim of the bans is to create a smoke-free environment for children and young people to play without being exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke.

The 10-metre ban applies to an area from any play equipment at playgrounds and from the edge of skate park. It includes dining areas and car parks within the zone

In regard to sporting events, the ban applies an area within 10 metres of an outdoor sporting venue for training and practice sessions, at breaks and intervals during the course of an sporting event involving those under 18.

Wodonga mayor Cr Rodney Wangman said the bans would help protect our children while encouraging smokers to quit and help former smokers from relapsing.

“We know there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and it is important to protect our young people from this danger,” he said.

“The bans are there to protect them, and to protect everyone from unwanted second-hand smoke.

Cr Wangman said examples of local sporting events where the bans would apply included Little Athletics meetings, junior football matches and school sporting events.

It does not include matches where the majority of players are over 18.

“For instance, during our local football match days when the under-18 teams are playing, smoking will be banned within 10 metres of the venue,” he said.

“We expect most people will comply with the bans and that the community will be self-regulating in ensuring people are aware of the bans.”

Council inspectors, under the Tobacco Act 1987, will provide information about the bans as well as issue fines. The infringement penalty is presently $144.

The council has sent out information to local sporting clubs and venues and posters and flyers are available for download below.

More than 100 signs will be erected around the city at the smoke-free zones informing the community of the bans.



PDFFactsheet - Children's playgrounds (PDF 101KB)

PDFFactsheet - Skate Parks (PDF 93KB)

PDFFactsheet - Sporting Venues (PDF 231KB)

PDFFactsheet - Swimming pools (PDF 105KB)

PDFFactsheet - Operators of sporting venues (PDF 429KB)

PDFPoster - Where Children Play (PDF 1376KB)

Last updated: 04-04-2014

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