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CBD West

The parcels of land available as part of CBD West.

CBD West presents a significant development opportunity that offers frontages to Elgin Blvd, Smythe St and Stanley St.

The former swimming pool site, combined with a second parcel of vacant adjacent land, represents an area of approximately 17,000 m2.

The unique location and size of this site highlight the potential for a range of entertainment, accommodation, housing, commercial and retail developments.

In 2008, consultancy Annand Alcock Urban Design was appointed to undertake the Enquiry By Design (EBD) process with a brief to determine the most appropriate use and development for the precinct.

As a result, council adopted design principles to guide future development of the site.

Expressions of interest should give consideration to the following design principles:

  • Walkable community;
  • Site accessible to general public;
  • Connectivity to plaza and CBD;
  • Realising economic return;
  • Retail and residential mix;
  • Diversity in demographics;
  • Creative public open space that encourages social interactions;
  • A safe neighbourhood;
  • Small creative green spaces and activity areas;
  • Reflects the character of Wodonga;
  • Creative landscaping with mature trees;
  • Encourages sustainable living principles by:
    • –Reducing the carbon footprint;
    • –Minimising water and energy use;
    • –Conservation of non-renewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning;
    • –Minimising emissions, effluents and waste caused by the operations of the development;
    • –Car parking minimised; and
    • Adaptable building design.
  • To retain and value the historical significance particular to the site, for example, history of the original city saleyards and swimming pool.

For more information on CBD West, please contact the economic development team on (02) 6022 9300 or

Last updated: 01-03-2018

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