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Former Wodonga Saleyards Site

The former Wodonga saleyards site is located to the east of the city, approximately six kilometres from the CBA, and approximately seven kilometres from the Hume Freeway via the Bandiana Link.

The site is approximately 603,000 square metres in size (60.3 hectares). The site is divided into two parcels of land, being dissected by the former rail corridor.

To service the future needs of Wodonga’s growing population, the council has identified the need to reserve five hectares of Lot 1 for a future council depot.

The sites available for sale are:

Site 1 - Former saleyards site

Size: 185,000m2
Zoning: Industrial 1
Frontages:  Murray Valley Highway – 695.56 metres
                    Whytes Rd – 633.75 metres

The former Wodonga saleyards complex fronts the Murray Valley Highway to the north and Whytes Rd to the east and is triangular in nature. The former Cudgewa-Wodonga rail line extends along the southern boundary. Significant infrastructure exists including saleyard pens, office and agents building (including a canteen), two public toilets (including associated septic tanks) and storage sheds. Power, water and gas are available to the site with water, sewer and a gas main running along Whytes Rd.


Site 2 – Vacant land (adjacent to the former saleyards)

Size: 368,000m2
Zoning: Industrial 1
Frontages:  Kiewa Valley Highway – 521.88 metres
                    Mcgeochs Rd – 464.30 metres

Site 2 is largely cleared for farmland. Some significant remnant trees exist, which are mainly clustered in the north-west corner of the site. A major power zone-substation exists approximately 550 metres to the south east, which offers the potential for a major supply or receiving of power.

Site 2


For more information, please contact Adam Wiseman on (02) 6022 9205 or


PDFFormer Saleyards site - expression of interest prospectus (PDF 1297KB)

PDFFormer Wodonga Saleyards site - expression of interest (PDF 326KB)

Last updated: 17-09-2018

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