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Soundscapes exhibition alerts all the senses

Spring will bring a new sensory exhibition to Arts Space Wodonga with local artist Abi Thompson’s dramatic watercolours accompanied by a soundtrack of nature.

The Soundscapes exhibition explores the idea of another dimension within the traditional landscape.

Abi describes a soundscape as the unique auditory environment that surrounds a listener and is intimately identifiable with notions of place – a soft breeze through fallen leaves, birdsong, the crunch of footsteps in frost-bitten grass and the murmur of a stream – that all evoke a time and a particularity of experience.

In this exhibition, Abi – who has a cochlear implant so is more sensitive to sound than most – breaks away from working with the landscape in a silent and introspective manner and returns to plein air.

She has used multiple media to engage all the senses including watercolours, gouache, monoprint overlays – even pianola rolls!

Visitors to the exhibition will also listen to a soundtrack of beautiful nature sounds called ‘The Wilds’ by composer Philip Samartzis (courtesy of the Bogong Centre for the Sound Culture)*.

“With any landscape, it’s not just what you see, but also what you feel… the people, the smells, the sounds. That’s what makes a place distinct from anywhere else,” said Abi.

The exhibition is open until Saturday, September 30, in Arts Space Wodonga.

Other events held in Arts Space Wodonga relating to the exhibition:

-          Wine and Watercolours workshop: Thursday, September 21, 6pm to 8pm

-          Sounds of Spring: local artists Cate Geard and Jacqui Coupe host a school holiday activity (drop in from 10am and noon from Tuesday, September 26 to Thursday, September 28).

Another event – Hear the Bells Toll interactive workshop – will also be held at Arts Space Wodonga at 6pm on Thursday, September 7, then at Belvoir Park gazebo (Sumsion Gardens) at 10am on Saturday, September 16.

Last updated: 05-09-2017

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