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Teaming up to tackle number plate theft

Police from Wodonga are teaming up with their New South Wales counterparts in Albury along with Wodonga Council and AlburyCity in an effort to reduce the amount of number plate thefts in the area.

Two cross-border ‘Safe Plate’ days will be held in July where members of the public will be able to have one-way screws fitted to their vehicle at no cost.

Wodonga Station Commander Senior Sergeant Kathryn Chamberlain said that the one-way screws are a simple way to add an extra level of safety to your vehicle.

“Number plate theft is an issue that’s really concerning us at the moment and we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of these Safe Plate days,” S/Sgt Chamberlain said.

“We’ve seen a recent increase in the theft of number plates and in several instances the plates are then used to commit further crime.

“By installing one-way screws on your vehicle, you’re adding a deterrent and an extra level of difficulty for anyone thinking of stealing your number plates.”

One-way screw fittings will be available at Noreiul Park, Albury from 8am to 1pm on Saturday 22 July and Bunnings Wodonga from 9am to 2pm on Sunday 23 July.

Following these fittings, members of the public will be able to get the one-way screws from the Wodonga Police Station, Albury City offices and Wodonga Council offices at no cost.

Last updated: 20-07-2017

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