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"Mothball" features in special storytime

Mothball, the naughtiest wombat in Australia, will be dropping in to The Cube Wodonga this week.

So Mrs Mac from Wodonga Library is hosting a special storytime featuring Mothball's story - Diary of a Wombat - today at 10am at The Cube Wodonga before Mothball herself comes to the stage thanks to the magical puppetry of Monkey Baa and live music.

Diary of a Wombat will be at The Cube Wodonga on Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 10.30am.

The show stars Michael Cullen (War Horse), Julia Ohannessian (Hamlet) and Shondelle Pratt (Man of La Mancha) with cellist Mary Rapp also acting as the voice of Mothball.

Tickets available at The Cube Wodonga website

Last updated: 19-06-2017

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