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Children illustrate ideas for city

Preschool children across the municipality have unleashed their inner artists, illustrating the Wodonga they would like to live in through individual drawings.

As part of Wodonga Council’s extensive consultation for the future Council Plan, more than 300 children across council-operated preschools have taken part in the exercise.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Anna Speedie said children were asked what they would like to see in their community when they are grown up, yielding some very practical and relevant contributions.

“Bike tracks, swimming pools, parks and additional shops were common themes across many of the drawings,” Cr Speedie said.

“We received other great ideas such as a zoo and a ballet studio, as well as a space for people to be creative in and paint.”

The exercise was conducted one-on-one with preschool educators, who assisted the children in executing their ideas on paper.

Prior to the individual drawing sessions, the children engaged in a group discussion about what is currently in their city, and what they’d like to see when they’re grown up.

Four-year-old Mitchell Smith drew a swimming pool for the Baranduda community, comprising of four sides, lane ropes and rails to help people in and out of the pool.

“It’s both heart-warming and encouraging to see that even our youngest community members are considering the accessibility of others in their ideas,” Cr Speedie said.

The feedback gathered through the drawings will be used alongside additional community submissions to inform the council’s major priorities for the next four years.

Wodonga Council has been seeking community ideas and suggestions throughout February and March, hosting a number of events to encourage residents to have their say.

Some of the preschoolers works will be in display at the community forum on Sunday, March 26 and Monday, March 27 which will wrap up The Wodonga We All Want to Live In consultation and showcase a range of council services.

For more information on the Council Plan and to have your say on the council’s future priorities, visit

Last updated: 15-03-2017

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