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Community centre creating belles of the ball

Community centre creating belles of the ball

Felltimber Community Centre has launched a new hiring service, supporting local adolescents attend their debutante ball - irrespective of financial difficulties.

The centre, operated by Wodonga Council, now stocks more than 25 debutante dresses, which residents can hire free of charge.

Felltimber Community Centre co-ordinator Amanda Crisp said the initiative was suggested by a member of the centre’s Advisory Committee, who explained that she was unable to attend a debutante as her family couldn’t afford it.

“She outlined the service as one she’d like the centre provide, and we thought it was a wonderful idea for the Wodonga community.”

The dresses have been donated over the past year or so, by local families who no longer have a use for them.

“We called for donations early last year to establish the service and have been very grateful for the beautiful contributions we’ve received to date,” Ms Crisp said.

The term ‘debutante’ is said to mean “female beginner” in French, with the debutante ball signifying a formal debut of someone who has reached maturity.

In Australia, the balls are often shortened to ‘deb’, with a number of debs hosted in Albury-Wodonga each year.Ms Crisp said the new service will provide girls and their families the opportunity to enjoy their deb, without the financial burdens that often come with it.“The service not only supports parents in supporting their child, it also ensures that the girls don’t feel disadvantaged because of their circumstances.

“Every girl in Wodonga should have the opportunity to attend their deb, and make the connections and memories associated with the event,” she said.Boys accompanying debutantes can also take advantage of the service, with three suits available for hire.Those interested in viewing the collection of dresses and suits can contact Ms Crisp at the Felltimber Community Centre on (02) 6043 4550 to arrange a time. Dress sizes are limited and a refundable security deposit is also required to hire an item.

Last updated: 02-03-2017

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