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Motorists urged to slow down at school crossings

Slow, Stop, Obey

Motorists are being urged to drive safely around school crossings this week as the new school year has begun.

The return to school marks the return of Wodonga Council’s ‘SLOW, STOP, OBEY’ campaign, targeting drivers who do the wrong thing in school zones.

Wodonga Council Team Leader Compliance Mr Craig McClanahan said despite obvious signage and warnings, drivers continue to risk the safety of local children and parents as they fail to obey the rules.

“Between June and August last year, a total of 60 people either failed to stop, or came to a sudden stop within school crossings across the municipality,” Mr McClanahan said.

“With 22 school crossings in Wodonga, this is a concerning statistic.”

The ‘SLOW, STOP, OBEY’ campaign reminds drivers that slowing down only adds a few minutes to their trip, but it takes just a split second to injure a child on a school crossing.

Mr McClanahan said motorists should SLOW down as they approach a school zone, come to a complete STOP when crossing supervisors signal them to do so, and OBEY the direction of the supervisor present.

“They must also remember to remain stationary, until every person is safely on the footpath, and the supervisor has signalled that it is safe to move on,” he said.

Each year, Wodonga’s school crossing supervisors witness a number of near-miss incidents, where the driver is at fault and has made an unsafe decision.

“These incidents are not only from speeding, but also inattentive driving such as talking on mobiles phones, and making illegal U-turns in school zones,” Mr McClanahan added.

Victoria Police Acting Senior Sergeant Divisional Traffic Officer Cameron Roberts said police have little tolerance when it comes to enforcement in and around school zones.

“Children can do the unexpected and therefore drivers are expected to behave accordingly in these areas,” he said.

“Various enforcement strategies can be anticipated this year in Wodonga school zones, particularly targeting the use of mobile phones by drivers in these areas.” Council officers will also be conducting random patrols of the crossings and issuing fines where appropriate. For a map detailing all 22 school crossings in the Wodonga area and the times in which they operate, visit

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Last updated: 01-02-2017

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