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Empowering women in our community

Eight women will graduate the Enabling Women Leadership Program at Arts Space today.

Women with disabilities experience higher rates of violence over their lifetime than women without disabilities, often from a greater number of perpetrators.

Nearly one in five Victorian women has a disability, with greater numbers living in rural and regional areas.

On all measures of social and economic participation, women with disabilities are disadvantaged when compared to women without disabilities and men with disabilities.

Enabling Women aims to empower women with disabilities to have a voice about issues that relate to them and other women with disabilities, learn information about their rights and develop new connections with women.

The six-week program, facilitated by Women with Disabilities Victoria, has given the women more confidence and increased their skills and knowledge.

Supported by a local reference group and a mentoring program, Enabling Women is planned and delivered by WDV in partnership with local organisations, in the communities where women live.

After completion of the leadership program, partnerships are encouraged to continue delivering Enabling Women with local facilitators.

Women with Disabilities Victoria has worked in partnership with RDAS and Wodonga Council.

The graduation will start at 4pm.

Last updated: 11-12-2017

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