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Council wants community feedback for new Council Plan

Council wants community feedback for new Council Plan

Wodonga Council has endorsed two months of consultation and engagement activities throughout February and March to inform the next four-year Council Plan.

The council has a legislative requirement under the Local Government Act to present its priorities for its term through the development of a Council Plan.

The motion, passed at the January council meeting, sets out a variety of activities throughout February and March with councillors going out to the neighbourhoods through forums and chat sessions as well as visiting schools and retirement homes.

“The past four years have been a busy time for our city with lots of new and major projects happening across the city,” Wodonga Mayor Cr Speedie said.

“But there is still plenty more to do and we want to hear from as many residents as possible about what the Wodonga they want to live in looks like, what makes Wodonga a great place to live and what is our greatest opportunity.

“We look forward to hearing a range of ideas and feedback from all sectors of our community – from our preschoolers right through to our city’s leaders.

“We encourage everyone to attend one of the many events happening across the city or otherwise head online to and have your say.

“A new council term is an exciting time and we look forward to another busy and exciting four years.”

As well as a series of events, the council will be taking feedback via its online portal

Following the two-month consultation, a feedback report will be presented to councillors in April ahead of the draft Council Plan 2017-2018 to 2020-2021 being presented at the May council meeting for public exhibition and its adoption at the June council meeting.

The consultation, The Wodonga We All Want to Live In, will officially launch on February 1.



Last updated: 24-01-2017

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