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Waste tips for Summer

Waste over Summer


Follow these tips to reduce odours and pests in your bins over the summer period.

Red-lidded bin

  • Make sure you sort your waste and put all food scraps into the green-lidded bin to be emptied weekly.
  • Double-bag nappies and medical waste with scented liners and close tightly.
  • Rinse any polystyrene and soft plastics. Use the ‘scrunch test’ – if something stays scrunched, put it in the red-lidded bin. If it holds its shape and springs back, put it in the yellow-lidded bin.
  • Use several, smaller garbage bags instead of a big one – larger bags tend to be more difficult to fit everything into your bin.
  • Ask everyone in your house (including visitors) to sort their waste inside the house (for example, collect recyclables in a box).
  • If you’ve sorted as much as possible into your green and yellow-lidded bins and it’s still overflowing, you can upsize your red-lidded bin (phone Customer focus).

Green-lidded bin

  • Meat, bones, fish, shellfish can be very smelly. You can wrap these in newspaper or a compostable liner and freeze until your bin is due for collection.
  • With both red and greenlidded bins, keep the bin lid closed – replace any cracked or broken bins by phoning our Customer focus team on (02) 6022 9300 or going online to the mobile-friendly service CityWatch.
  • Flies can enter very small gaps in a lid, so put a brick or something similar on top of your bin to prevent flies from getting in.
  • You can also tie an old stocking leg to the handle of your bin with bicarb or other odour-reducing product inside.

Last updated: 19-12-2017

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