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Bathroom habits inspire artworks

Why do our best ideas come to us in the shower?

Bathroom antics and rituals are the focus of Arts Space Wodonga’s newest exhibition by local artist, Susie Losch.

Reflecting upon personal and private spaces, Soap Opera explores moments within the routine of daily life.

The exhibition focusses on the bathroom, a space with which we are all familiar in our own way, as a place of rejuvenation and contemplation where transformation may occur.

Losch uses innovative installations created from everyday recognisable objects and substances, and presents them in a quirky and thought-provoking fashion.

There is a subtle humour and thoughtfulness throughout the artworks; the pieces make you stop and reflect on the combinations of materials, textures, colours, patinas, and how this variety of elements have found new meanings in their current form.

“I have been collecting objects that have contributed to this exhibition for over six years,” Losch said.

“The concept and works included in Soap Opera have evolved over many years of experimentation with materials and processes.”

The exhibition opening will be held this Saturday, November 4, at 2pm at Arts Space Wodonga.

Losch is well known in North East Victoria and Albury-Wodonga as an artist and teacher.

She has been making art in her converted dairy for over 20 years and shown her work in this region through community art projects, festivals, prizes and group shows.

With Losch’s art practice firmly tied to the earth, she makes art out of objects discarded by others, finding rather than purchasing new materials for her art works.

She constantly collects and liberates many objects relegated to the tip or op shop.

As part of the Sustinable Living Festival, you can join Losch and fellow local artists, Helen Carter, Tara Welsh and Sam Anderson, for a discussion on the different considerations they make to produce art sustainably.

The Creative and Sustainable Beings panel talk will be held on Thursday, November 16, from 6pm to 7.30pm.

The cost is $10 per person and includes refreshments.

Soap Opera will be on exhibition at Arts Space Wodonga until Saturday, November 25, 2017.

Last updated: 03-11-2017

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