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Feel blue? Touch green

15 Jun, 2020

Getting out into nature can be one of the best things for your mind, body and soul.

In Wodonga, our Wodonga Retained Environmental Network is one place where you can escape the daily grind and get out into nature.

Located within the Leneva Valley, a major urban development growth corridor, the WREN were identfied as specific patches of land where native vegetation would be retained and other areas where native vegetation would be lost when housing projects started. 

Team Leader Parks and Natural Resources Andrew Griffiths said park and bushland reserves provided lifelong learning opportunities.

"Even for people who visit them rarely or never, parks and natural resources give pleasure and value," he said.

"People enjoy these areas just by knowing they are there, noticing them as they pass and seeing them well looked after.

"Parks and bushland areas are an essential element in creating a sense of place, which is vital to community spirit as well as being attractive to visitors. They enhance the image of a neighbourhood and indeed the whole city."

Mr Griffiths also said the areas provided opportunities for voluntary and community activities for many people such as Landcare and Wodonga's Friends of groups.

"They give people the chance to participate in the design, management and care of their local spaces can foster local pride," he said.

"Well-managed spaces can create welcoming environments for vulnerable groups, helping them to socialise and take part in community life.

"In terms of equality for all sectors of the community, free access parks and bushlands offer a uniquely affordable alternative to commercial leisure activities.

"Establishing a connection with the natural environment has proven links with reducing anti-social behaviour and providing benefits to mental health and wellbeing."

So if you are feeling blue this weekend, take some time out and visit one of Wodonga's many park and bushland reserves.

For more information on Wodonga's parks and bushland, visit Wodonga Council's website.