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Building more health-promoting behaviours into everyday life is doable and achievable for everyone.

The Voices For Health initiative supports everyday people to improve their health and influence the health of their families, friends and community in the places where they live, work, learn, and play.

The Wodonga Voices4Health initiative is an initiative of Healthy Together Wodonga (HTW) that supports key people in the community who are well-connected, through formal or social networks, to influence the health of their families, friends and community through creating a buzz around key health messages.

The program recognises there are many people in our community who are passionate about healthy lifestyles and environments, and who are well-connected to other people and organisations in our community. Voices4Health provides an opportunity for people in the community who care about health to influence the people around them to make healthy choices.

Who are the Voices4Health

Voices4Health are local people who use their networks to build interest in and encourage health-promoting behaviours by starting discussions, linking people to information and to the Healthy Together Wodonga team.

For example, a Voices4Health representative might start a discussion around how to incorporate physical activity into a daily routine, or open a discussion on healthy eating options.

Each voice will have their own way of engaging others. No participant will be a perfect model of health – all will be ordinary people taking steps towards improving health for themselves, their families and the people in their communities.

Each person decides for themselves how much time they would like to commit to the role.


Last updated: 21-11-2014

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