City of Wodonga


Healthy worker, healthy client model

The Healthy Worker Healthy Client model aims to support local community care and primary care organisations who are participating in the Workplace Achievement Program.

The model aims to assist these organisations to work towards sustainable cultural change on a number of levels which can further promote and support health messages and positive lifestyle choices not just of staff but also that of clients and their families.

The model recognises that many members of the most vulnerable population with our community accessing the services of community care and primary care organisations have multiple barriers to both adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyles and require additional support.

The model also recognises that in order to have an positive impact on client health behaviours there needs to be a common vision within these organisations (across management, staff, service provision) that promotes and supports the improvement of the health behaviours of the most disadvantaged members of our community.

Last updated: 23-10-2014

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